Instant 2D - Power-Ups & Pick-Ups - Version 1.4 released

We’ve got good news for those of you who already bought Instant 2D – Power-Ups & Pick-Ups: Version 1.4 has now been released!

The latest update includes 252 new textures so the total has ended up at no fewer than 915!

180 of the 915 textures are in the new “Outline” style on the screenshot above. We’ve also included a bunch of new items in this update, e.g. a landmine, a flashbang, a syringe, a kitchen knife, a molotiv cocktail, many new multiplier and points textures and of course a nuclear bomb for good measure! 🙂

Have a look at this page to see the new textures.

As always, it’s a free update for existing customers. If you haven’t already downloaded it, simply click here to log in and choose View Downloads to get the update.

We hope you’ll make some great games with the new textures!

Instant 2D - Power-Ups & Pick-Ups - Version 1.4 released