It’s hard enough to make an eye-catching indie game – but even harder when you haven’t got time to make your own graphics

And finding enough cool textures in a consistent style is pretty much impossible, so you end up with a game that looks like it was made by 20 different graphic designers. The result is that your awesome game won’t get the attention it deserves, just because it lacks ‘polish’.

But fear not, we’re on a mission to help you! ‘How?’ you may ask…? *drumroll*

By creating the world's biggest handcrafted 2D game texture library.

It’s an ambitious goal but it’s high time someone created a large texture library in consistent styles.

To whet your appetite, we’re planning on releasing a range of different packs, like power-up & pick-up textures, nature textures, inventory icons, textures for physics puzzlers, racing games, RPGs and so on.

You’ll be able to use our 2D game assets as sprites and textures in many game engines, for example in in Unity, GameSalad, GameMaker, Cocos2D and other game engines.

Feel free to pop by our forum and let us know what sort of textures you need for your games. Chances are we might be able to help you!