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Instant 2D – Power-Ups & Pick-Ups has been released

Happy days! Our first texture collection in the Instant 2D series has now been released.

The collection contains 115 ‘base’ power-up & pick-up textures and a total of 463 textures in 4 different styles: Bubble, Glow, Orb and Plain.

You’ll find plenty of gold stars, healthpacks, speedboosters, coins, ammunition and other power-up & pick-up textures for your games.

The textures are provided as high-resolution PNG files and as Adobe Illustrator CS5 files, so that you can change the shapes, gradients and colours of the source images.

Click here to get 15 free textures – a small taster of what you can expect from the collection. You may use the textures free of charge in your games.

Now, go forth and prosper! 🙂

EDIT: Version 1.2 has been released since then and it now contains 663 textures in total!

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Instant 2D – Power-Ups & Pick-Ups nearly ready

Instant 2D - Power-Ups & Pick-Ups by Playlectric: Lovingly handcrafted textures for your games.


Exciting times are ahead! It won’t be long until our first texture pack in the Instant 2D series will be released for game & application developers. The first pack will be an awesome collection of power-up and pick-up textures that you can use in a range of games; from platform to racing games, from roleplaying games to shoot-’em-ups. It’s a great shortcut to give your games the professional edge they need to top the charts.

What’s unique about this collection is that you also get the original vector images in Adobe Illustrator CS5 format. That way you can edit shapes, colours and gradients to your heart’s content, and the files are future-proof since vector images can be scaled up without quality loss.

We’ll also be including .PNG files. The .PNG files allow you to hit the ground running, even if you haven’t got Adobe Illustrator. The height of the images is 1024 pixels and the width varies, so all you need to do is to resize them to something that’s right for your game or application.

We’ll soon be giving away some free sample textures that you can use in any of your games; don’t miss out – sign up for our newsletters today!

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It’s about to get easier to make games!

Planet Playlectric – born out of a gas cloud of HTML and CSS, and forged by the frustration of game developers everywhere who just can’t find the gorgeous graphics they’re after – is here.

One of the problems that many independent game developers face today is that they haven’t got the time or know-how to create the graphics that can send their games to the top of the charts. Sure, you could buy stock graphics from a graphics marketplace but have you seen the prices? To make it worse, it’s impossible to find enough images in the same style, so you end up with a game that is a bit of a mish mash.

This is where Playlectric comes into the picture. We want to make it easier to make games and prototypes.

But how? … *Drumroll*

By creating the biggest 2D game texture library in the universe – that’s how!

We’ve got a whole load of packs planned for release in 2014 – like power-ups & pick-ups, trees & plants, physics packs and so on – all made in consistent styles.

But we also want your ideas! So, tell us what you need – just pop by our friendly forum and let us know.

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