Instant 2D - Power-Ups & Pick-Ups - Version 1.2 released

Great news for those of you who bought Instant 2D – Power-Ups & Pick-Ups:
Version 1.2 has now been released!

This update contains a whopping 144 new vector textures which brings the total to 663!

This time, we’ve focussed on very detailed weapons for zombie games, for example assault rifles, a hunting rifle, a katana, a baseball bat and so on.

We’ve also made a walkie talkie texture, an identity card, bells, padlocks, keys, coin piles, food textures and much more.

Head over to this page if you’d like to see all the new textures.

As always, it’s a free update for all existing customers, and we’ll shortly be sending everyone an email to notify you about the update. If you can’t wait, simply log in to your account and click on View Downloads to get the update.